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39 years of excellence

Tube Corporation was established by Jayesh Mehta in 1981. Since our inception, we are quality conscious and tried to provide our customers with the best service, high quality, and durable products. That is what made us the market leader in distributing leading manufacturer’s piping systems today in South India. Our dream of reaching millions of people, organised or unorganised, commercial or agricultural, industrial or residential, with an extensive range of pipes and tubes, came true with the integrity and consistency in our endeavors.

We are the only authorized Distributors for TATA Pipes (Galvanised) in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. We collaborate with Jindal Steel as dealers in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

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Markets we cater to

End-end solutions


We help farmers with pipes that assist them in the sprinkler, pesticide dispersal, water supply and other essential works. Every pipe is in compliance with international standards

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Our products come with easy installation, dimensional accuracy, trouble-free operations and competitive prices. We offer these products with the best quality and optimum price.

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Our pipes in infrastructure can conduct long-distance electrical cables, optical fibres, water, gas and wastewater safely, efficiently, and economically to eliminate losses and save energy.

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We provide all kinds of pipes used for water supply, drainage, sewer, and even for the exterior. We rely on standard brands for giving customers the highest quality possible.

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Happy Customers

Manohar G Upadhye

Tube Corporation has become our trusted partner for our needs. Availability and the quality of the products are amazing.

Manohar G Upadhye, Vice President, MEPL Engineers
Amitab Battacharya

It has been 11 yrs of collaboration with Tube Corporation, there has never been a delay in delivery and no compromise on quality.

Amitab Battacharya, Purchase Head, Mihira Developers
Rajkumar Sangvi

Tube Corporation has been one of our go to service providers. Strongly recommended for their work ethic and delivery time.

Rajkumar Sangvi, CMD, Meena Engineering Works
Suraj Patnayak

We have found quality products and great customer service while workign with Tube Corporation. Reliable and customer friendly.

Suraj Patnayak, DGM, MidhuKon Industries

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Plumbing pipes by Tube corp

Plumbing pipes by Tube corp

Agricultural pipes by the corporation are durable and economical for farmers. Much manful ouch ouch

Industrial piping

Industrial piping

Economical and durable industrial pipes by Tube corporation has been one of the quality product

Durable Agricultural pipes

Durable Agricultural pipes

Agricultural pipes by the corporation are durable and economical for farmers. Much manful ouch ouch